July 15, 2021

Reacting to Deadpool Reacting to Free Guy

Wait...they're teasing Deadpool 3 already? What are our favorite Jim Carrey movies? And which celebrity's political stances shocked you?

This week, Mike & Mike talk about:

  • Deadpool's trailer reaction.
  • Favorite Jim Carrey movies.
  • Celebrities & politics.


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We're going to get right into this here at the top it s. I've been wondering because we've talked about it on here before how they're going to incorporate dead pool into the mc. Finally- and i haven't watched this- i my fucking microphone- i haven't watched this yet, but the thumb nail is him sitting next to a character from the mc on the couch really and it's it fuck it less just go right into it. Yeah a right. My dick's, hard welcome to the basement. Lounge podcast, with your host mike shay and mike wells sit back rab a drink, relax, let's see where the time takes us enjoy so yeah, so we're both we're both at at full mast that we're going to watch. Apparently they dropped the teaser for deadpool three. I got the monitor up on a stand right now, so i can't see my mac. He spent from click in the actual video. Here i get you a phones off. You can hear the shit yeah all right can hear. I can hear you yet. Okay, i'm sorry, okay, cool, we'll, see we'll see what happened to this is the dead pool. Three, it's is, let's just it to express some rage and pull maximum reaction there and what's up reaction faction, i don't forget to smash that subscribe, but on follow me on patriot that week you all really liked my crew elle trailer reaction, video, where are the fuck dogs this week, ll be reacting to a trailer for a movie which i honestly thought came out like a year ago, three guy, apparently it's this auto. You also have a guest reactor. This we yea, who is no veroneses too busy over on disney la say, hello, cork, hello, made of rocks. Thank you for having me pol sorry, your did. Jesus chrism name is guy. Oh he's named guy, like the movies title, pretty clever, odasete comment first or this trailer gives away too much or ryan. Reynolds is just me, which is super insulting by the way old thai thought. I had everything i needed. Then i met her jody caleb god. I love her so much. I hope they don't fridge her what's fridging. Well, it's the practice of killing off or hurting a female character in order to motivate or torture the main character. Also known his dead pool to thank you, eodem inside you, guy expect you as situation he ayfields or something it's about trick, glasses. The glass trickes for this world, any thoughts on our villain, cork, tint and the two lower ones, and that's it is coranto. Do matters i'm sitting here with my best friend trying to help him get through a tough time. Now, if that's not real, i don't know what it is. I know this or i look at a go. A little blue shirt, his face, so punchal back wow enjoy your lifetime supply of virginity e. Go that's what good guy routine is ruining the game. Eminate, let's take a white ethe seems quite nice sexually it. Maybe this is the live action temper. We all haven't been waited f s, t, okay! This looks fun enough in the last days of fox fire sale kind of you know what i'm going to give it. I get it four out of five of codes court. I was raised by a focoism. God me, no e tips on getting into the mc you. There, cork have a dream chase. It lose that dream just sabotage all sorts of happiness in the pursuit of that dream climb up to the peaks of the mountain and when you get to the top land at the bottom and realize you're never going to achieve that dream, and at that point check your emails, maybe you'll get something from your agent saying mather wants to talk yeah. I prefer dark world that was ill shit. Oh that's fantastic! That was i like how i brought him in. Oh, my god, that's fante, i didn't know. I wanted a dead pool cord team up. I didn't think about, like i forgot, he directs free guy. I mean idea. I didn't know that i, the direct it. I don't he's a director but shit, that's fucking! That was fucking, but if that's the end that's dead. That's that dalagas was that that's the best that is. I am so happy that is made my day. That is absolutely made my day. I i prefer dark or i i want to fuck you, oh man, okay, so it's a trailer for free guy, but it's a teaser for deadpool. Three yeah! That's, i think. That's! That's too, that that's two birds, one stone like type like you got a trailer for free guy and i love the i love the shot he's taking it all. The fucking youtube reaction, dick holes, just oh, my god, yeah that was that was some of the funniest shit i've seen in a while that was- and that was incredibly on brand with with deadpool like if i'm going to get a dead pool. Finally come in to the mc: u teaser, that's that's how i wanted done like the fourth or fourth of all, just smash it, and then this sense. I got last days of fox five sale, a that's so fucking. True, though that is that's i also kind of want to see free guy, but that's i. I really want to see the very guy every single one of his movies. I can't pronounce his name. Take a white t. Take a att. I love every single lonis, fantastic, jo, jo rabbit is amazing. Georgia, rabbits fantastic. That is a that's an underrated movie cause. It was super indie. It was only showing it the neon. My brother took me to go, see it and i was like this is one of the best things i've ever seen. Well, i think my thing is to is like. Would he be able to do that? Maybe if he didn't play hitler, if he chose somebody else to play, hitler would have been no because because at that point you got to own it yeah he's owning he he owns, i mean yeah direct it, but he owned hitler like not only that it's the what they did with hitler, which is up until you know, for the longest time, when the kid is still kind of here, a worshipping hitler and is still very like pro nazi hitlers portrayed as a fucking idiot yeah, and it's only until the kid starts. Turning away from that that hitler start turning into a real dick yeah, especially like when it gets to the point where it's post hitler suicide and he's just the fucking chunk mess out of his head or whatever and but like, but just the way he portrays it. We gets like yeah. No, i don't understand why. The girls, don't like you, man, you, i got the best body in your grade. You, the good book best, can kid in school yeah, but just yeah only way you could pull that off. Yeah. It was that's a that's a fantastic movie. It's so if you, if you haven't seen when, when you find out the mom's dead, just jesus. Well, that's why that focus on there yeah she's, that fucking reveal man yeah like it's like. This is going to come back to han me and so the entire ten me like. I was sinking as poss li. Why are they focusing on her shoes so much yeah you setting up for something yeah had that of this was directed by quitting tarentina yeah, but the shoes were in yeah i mean that there's no feet, there's just shoes, just shoes, yeah, and but it was i but also like just getting to see like their relationship and really seeing kind of it was given. It was satirical of the pro nazi war effort, but that's also not super far off from how things were yeah. They were recruiting them at a really young age. For throwing out propaganda ship, one of my favorite scenes in that movie is at the end, where what's the actor's name, oh sam rockwell, same rockwell yeah make sure the kids survives yeah. I like. Basically, i can't remember why i e, like us, like get out of your jancourt, yeah and, and the soldiers get him out of there, because he thinks he gets that he doesn't think that he's a collaborator and yeah, because he knows the fucking kill him and yeah now yeah that getting to see his sam rockwell's evolution throughout the whole movie of him quietly, starting to protect jo, jo and not necessarily become a good guy, but just one just realizing like this is bigger than this kid yeah, and then only that he got the wear of the alfa he wanted to wear in the final m. That's true, yeah he's a and then the fucking rebel wilson randomly showing up. There is the other yeah, putting a gun in the kid's hands and sending them off out down the street and yeah it was. I kept thinking like like i kept waiting for them to drop the ball. That, like the dad, had died or something like that and which you know, there's never really a whole lot of revolution with the dad, but then movie was so, but so it's like a witts great fucking director as that right man that dead pool clip was something else i am so ready for dead pool to get into the mc, and i didn't realize how much i wanted a dead pool court team up until now at tige witt, i love tyke ted. So much if what's your favorite type, owid film, is it thor ragna rock? Is it jo, jo rabbit? Is it i mean? Did you love what he did with you know? We are in the shadows. What do you love about tige white ted, and are you looking forward to deadpool three and deadville coming into the mc you? Let us know, go to our website. Tbl, pod, dot, net click, a little blue microphone and leave us a voice message, and let us know what you think we love to share your opinions on the air. The home grown humor comedy show is a very special stand up. Show that we're doing right here in my very own home, i'm going to be hosting some of the funniest people and dan ohio for this comedy show, and you guys it is so easy to get your tickets. All you got to do is go to tb, l, pod, dot, net s live tbl, pod, dot met s, live tickets are only five dollars and you want to reserve them now because there's limited seating and you want to get on this- we're going to have ray jackson, jodie mcdermit mike wells, myself hosting and our headliner for the show is going to be jessie nut, so go to tbl, pod, dot, net live and reserve your tickets. Now something else going on. I wanted to talk about my brother. My brother brought this up to me because it kind of relates back to we were talking about last week with the snl stuff yeah i was the guy is on there's this podcast called. This is important. It's a work, a holic, but the guy from work in holly. This week's episode they were talking about their favorite gym, carry movies really it odd. They brought up like that, like audition for sl was on in living color, and they were talking like one of them. Was they a they kept just quoting again, i'm gettin start a clip a bit or something right here, favorite jim carrion movie. I know you don't like this, but he's got some of those serious ones anders you know. Are we able to have the two or are we able to just kind of a man? You can pick your shit. I i'll go first i'll, go first and give people time i'll, give people time here. Okay, okay, i will say i love is monshure. I love dumb and dumber, but for me, as a movie as a movie b here we go. I know, what's coming cable guy, this is the able guy. Oh yeah, ca, the watch, ability of cable guy. I can watch it a million times yeah man that movie rock they were talking to one of them said, like you know, as men, cheroin ager calls some one of them said that we they wanted a whole tirade about how much they hated man in the moon. It's been for. I think it's a great movie, it's a for ever since i seen it. I think i think the thing they went into was how that documentary from a couple of years ago, kind of pin him as j jaded the movie for him a little bit when you find out like just how method carry was going and like being dick to people on set and stuff than he really loved andy caught. He really loved andy coffman. So i mean i can't yeah he just trying to chanis a is wise. He didn't go a little too far. I mean who's to to really say, but you know i still think the movies fucking brilliant m, but i don't know i mean as far as jim caron movies go, i mean my favorites are either going to also they brought up the cable guy. I've never seen that movie, a see have cable guy is like one of my probably like top three favorite gym can e one i've never seen like it's it's a dark comedy like i saw it when i was a kid like when i was a kid like you know, as venture ud come out, so anything that jim carry did. You know like the mask like i would watch in the the thing that my parents won't. Let me watch because i was a kid, so my mom rented it one day. It's for us to watch together and not neither of us knowing how fucking dark the movie gets. The movie gets really fucked up, it's still funny, but it gets really fucked up, and so i guess a kid. It kind of kind of hit me a little weird, but it's then it's also, i think ben stiller's first directing job. I did direct that he directed it. Yeah he's got a bit part in it, but he directed. I think it was the first one he dirited it. I it's so fucking funny, though jim carry and matthew roderick play off each other. So well shit because matthew brought it's one of those guys like he's great playing the straight man in the comedy and he's he plays against jim carey's, so fucking well now, you're seen in number twenty three that movie fucked with me a little, but i love that. Maybe that's a good movie! That's aw that one in college. It was like on a halloween movie night or something like that. That's he was god in the number twenty o yeah, like i feel like. I don't know how many nons non comic, comedic rills who's done. Number twenty three men on the main, a i we can say the majestic jersey, the six great i love that movie, so much manchow yeah truman shows up there. I think is that one was because the cable guy bombed the box office. Okay, because people want to go, see it not knowing how dark it was going to be and then kind of came out of it feeling weirds a word of mouth kind of heard, o the box. I still made money didn't bomb. I phrase that it made money, but not as much as they were hoping because, especially because they paid him a ship load of money for it. That was actually a role that was originally written for chris farley to really yeah. I found that out. He was he had been cast and then he died. So they went through the casting process again, but yeah. The majestas one of my favorites, but truman show kind of like cable guy got pitched as a traditional, jim carry comedy and all the advertising doing. Everyone went to go, see it and realize that's not what it was. But i love truman show it's a great now. That's that's such that god, that's a mind. Fuck of a movie as you watch this shit on rabble and you kind of start to discover exactly what's going on around him. It's yeah that movie is an. I love, the ending i wot, how he just walks out and that's it. What would you do in that situation? Same thing, i'd probably kill myself, really honest to god. I'd pro, if i found out my entire life had been orchestrated like that. I'd probably kill myself, i know what i would do i mean as a joke. I would look legitimately probably kill myself out my dick as a film me now, mother, fuck o ar this bitches like yeah. That movie well, especially when he really starts like when he's like you know, got the holding the knife to his wife's throat because he's just like who the fuck are you people and yeah? He hasn't done a lot of serious stuff. What okay now go ahead, so i feel like there was like a theory that he also didn't do movies fact a little bit for a long time, because he didn't want to pay child support that i hadn't heard. I had her. I know that they, when his child turned eighteen or damn movies that'th. I don't know if that's true. I've never heard that before, but there was a he just in the move or like a really long time. I had. I had always heard that man in the moon fucked him up so bad that he kind of just started to lose interest in adding, because i on know because he did. I think one of the last things he did before he really kind of faded out was correctly internet. If i'm more of the timeline but studies when fortunate events- men, he played account. Okay, yeah that or he did that- that weird animated christmas carol. Let me pull up as imdb but yeah. I know he started kind of doing he kind of stopped being a big star because he stopped doing every other comedy script that came by and a lot of people thought it was because of the had fucked up in the head from doing man in the moon. Let's see what was the last mint internal sunship patas mine sowing the hedgehog. He was good in that it's not a bad movie. Actually, slike tatho is probably the best video game movie. We've had caffres on kick as cats is good and he hated he hated that movie. Did he really? He said he didn't realize how violent it was going to be when he signed on to it. I because they really like step the violent level up, especially for his character, and he said that afterwards he kind of regretted doing it. He doesn't like all like the super hardcore violence and stuff in moves which i can actually see trying other. It was weird to think of from the guy that called out of the robot lina's ass, but but there's no blood this, but that's that we talk about a legendary jim carries in working is what calling is way out of the back of that run. Now i most forgot who it wasn't: badman forever ben. I realized on yeah, maybe yes man, i like that movie. I don't like zodes on all, but i like that movie a lot liar. I love like my- are liars brilliant. That was one of the best one one and one i hated the mask. Really i never liked it. We e this is fucking stupid. I love that. I don't know what it was. I don't hear a richard jenny, yeah fucking cameron dah. I just don't know why. I never. Ah that's interesting. I know i think it's very weird like as when i was in college. I took a class on like special effects, and that was one of the movies we actually studied because, like that was ilm, which is george lucas, a special effects company of the ones. That did that. I think it's just you guys like wow. This guy has a mask and makes him do all this stuff. That's fair, it was a so what's funny. Is it's the it's supposed to be the mask of loki? Oh, is it yeah? We go see, benstein he's like yeah. This is a mask in fashion, as a tribute to like you know, loki the god of mischief the mask and it's based off a comic book, but it did in no way is anything like the fucking comic bright. That's why? I think that's why i say it's just a mask like a because in the comics he's kind of a he's kind of a dead pool. Rep off o is a ultra violent, super joky. Fourth law breaking kind of shit, but i don't know i like that. I always the movie always makes me laugh. Jim carey is a comedy legend who shaked my childhood and my comedy upbringing. For decades, and to this day, some of his films are still mind, blowingly funny to me and the things that he can do. What are your favorite gym? Carry movies and performances. Let us know: go to tbl pod, dot, net click, the blue microphone and leave us a voice message. Let us know what you think of jim carry and what's your favorite jim carey movie is we want you guys to have the easiest time getting the hold of our podcast and with apples recent updates to the app you might not actually be getting it as as easily as you did in the past, which all you got to do is on the apple podcast, app go up to the top corner and clicked the little plus sign the little check mark and turn on automatic downloads. That'll make sure you get this episode downloaded as soon as it hits, and you never have to miss an episode, apparently a new transformer suppose to be beast wars: peace force. So so, when that got posted at first, i was like. Don't you make me want to go see this movie? Don't you make me want to go see this movie and i like i'm like: don't you cat and then they're like on par, owe playing optimist, primal fuck, i'm going to see this movie yeah dear it how he gets so many gray roles. Let him make his hopo three fuck. I like david harbor, that movie wasn't good like and he fucking hates trump, so god damn, oh, my god, the stuff of him on twitter, going back or with ted crews, o god was some of the best shit i've ever seen in my leg. Look like the type of guy that would be like. If you would told me he was a raging conservative. I would a hundred percent believe yeah, but he is massively liberal and just like hell boy, he fucking loves cats. Yeah lat's way it's like also davidis, is also kind of massively liberal as well er, so denario evins it the navre twitter. On top of just being a genuinely nice person like he'll, just tweet, happy birthday to his followers went their birthday and ishie's a very nice guy. He is notoriously anti trump. That's so why yeah very liberal the natis like one of the nicest guys in hollywood, it's crazy, somewan. Somebody shared this sting on face week that it was a picture of breton fraser. It said the hollywood it's like it's like reporters are have been issued. Statements of breton frasers, co, co, actors, alleging that he is one of the nicest guys in hollywood and it's like you took six months off my life. You ask o. I thought you were about to say something: fucked up or so. Fucking love, rennon frager, but you ever heard about dave but tista sort of devitis. How? Because many pakia, like some type of like where he's from as like a mayor or something he's something for an bees he's, he he's yeah he's important politic, yeah mayor or something so they want like gay like bay and band game, marriage or something i get married and ously betises mom's lesbian and he was like. I will fucking fight that guy yeah, oh yeah, that shit was fantastic. He has a very interesting back story, but esta yeah, oh yeah. I want to read his memor yeah. I do too holy. I love dapitan much. He yeah him de nafra, but he had ron perelman buck in that shit with him and i think it was like ruby or something tried to get in and he was like. Don't you start to ruby, o o e t buties christ? I was. I was like okay, let's never really make this man mad holy shit because he will destroy us eloquently yeah, it's not as him going fuck you ted cruse is like here's all the reasons. Why you're a piece of shit in alphabetical order and he was in sansaki- he was in sonatine. There's no way this guy's a liberal s, anarchy, kevin sorbs, a rage and conservative yeah. I would not think that either never would have thought that in a million years i love lucy law was coming after him on it to oh, i didn't know i got to if i could find those from a while back, but he tweeted something and- and she fucking came down on him so hard just like. Are you fucking geting holy? He kill as an were princess? No, it's funny is. She was in parks and wreck. She was, she was of all things ran swanson's wife, because he fucking course she was yeah she's a she because so she works. He worked with sam raymie a lot. She got a bit part in the first spider man movie when he first comes out of spider man. There's that goth chicker goes guys with eight legs. Yeah sounds kind of hot, that's mostly wallas. What yeah? I didn't know that until like two weeks ago, what somebody was doing this whole thing about sam can sam rayne's doing the next doctor strange movie, and he like to sam marine. Did you know he did because he cause bruce campbells and all three of his spider man movies? I didn't know that yeah and lucy wallace and i like any basically same ramie- is known for just giving me his work with jobs like there's, a ton of people and all the better movies who worked on zena and hokus and other stand army. The dead stuff like that and what's funny, is that in spider man too, there's there's the thing where they're like what are gonta call this guy o dr strange he's, like that's good, but that's taken well now he's directing dr strange. He truly does live in the marvel. Multiverse, that's wild, yeah, yeah, so lalas re yeah do bad. If you ever know me go back and watch that you're going to be like fuck that is or how i miss this, but now she's, i love her in parks are because she's so chill m she's, just so just normal, suburban mom and of course she winds up with rots wanes. Yeah i was in is fun. I was ware pronounce her name zena because i, like we fuck me, but it's got golden eyes. Would fuck me up on that yeah! I gus got zenia on a top in that, and so i was thought it was zena. Were your printer like no, it's just just senior. Yes s, a sena zena, it's now! It's like you're fucking yourself. I shit now, who else is like fucking, crazy conservative like chachi, not thatchy, not phonzie? No, not fanzie. I don't know why. I said that scott baio, oh yeah, yeah, scott bayo, big time there was a think. Nicky work is one of them. I think so. Yeah i think micky work was well. You know, jacaro o. I was think she's just a comment: that's not even to yeah she's, crazy, crazy conservatives, yeah, i'm being censored on t know what even your lot have at a pin: you's not allowed to be a cunt yeah. That's what bos my mind is like well, aaron leros is a lot ziger for stained. Is i really aging yeah? I did a stromstad to think your candice cameron, beer dj from full house. Okay, what that doesn't yeah that that one doesn't surprise me: yeah, melissa, jon, hart all she said she didn't. I she wasn't a transporter, but she didn't hit for gary johnson. I'm not sure. That's better were kelsey grammer. What kelsey grammer sucks trup dick hard? Really that's why they haven't done a fraser rebut. Nobody else wants to come back because of that, because the fucking hayko also kill se grammars, not er, be in a eugenic le yeah. But after that, they're like no, i mean tim allan. We all know about tim allen. Kalen jenner is a little confusing, but james woods. Jesus james woods played rudy giuliani, an a movie for fuck's any seoul. Uh schwarzenegger had the biggest turn of all last year because he's a republican and he's known for being a conservative. But then he put out this video i do going. I don't know if we talked about but going how i came to this country yeah and talking about going after trump and all that yeah. I was like oh shit and then he picks at the fucking cone in the sword of the end, and i was like shit i mean like, and it's like. That's, i think when it comes to polite landscape, like some people just vote party yeah, because it's her party but like i mean i know plenty of conservatives and republicans who don't like drup yeah. I have several on my family, who are like we're republicans, but trump is an idiot yeah. I just like just like they come out against your party and be like now like we're fucking like yeah. What the fuck loki democrato like joe biden, i fucking, can't stand joe by and that's why i bought the sign. That said fine biding, but this is bullshit burning at fuck, but that's just twice, but you know it is what i mean i would have voted for. I would have voted for mayor pete, honestly yeah, but mayor mary pete, the mout map. I would have voted from arper, but mayor pete was just so white gay obama. He was yeah and i love mayor honestly. I just want to hang out and have a beer ribbon, but he's too he's always a little too likable o. No, it's not too well that what's just creepy, but it's also like he's two corporate yea. So my corporation just back him so much berni's like that guy, it's like i'll take you eliminate stand money because i love you yeah as a burnie was bees bernie's the only cam ban i ever donated to me too yeah. I've only ever done it in that was yeah. I mean honestly. Bernie sanders is kind of what got me back into politics, because for the longest time i just stop paying attention. I i can't i can't deal with this anymore and you got fuck. You got fucked yeah, i just he was here. We deserved, he was he was. He was the one we should have had its chosen one. He is the, but also what i appreciate about him was like when he, when he lost the debt when he lost the the nomination to hillary the first time he just went right, the fuck back to work yeah. I remember i remember when trump first got elected and they were the republicans were scheduling all of these confirmation hearings for the for his cabinet, like like overlapping, because they were trying to limit the number of democrats. It would come to the to the hearings and bernie sanders would just go into them late. Like sorry, i'm late, i was over dealing with the other one too. He would just show up to all of me as i don't care how late i get there. I'm going to show up and say my piece yeah. He got right to fuck back to work and he hasn't stopped working since as old as he fucking is he he just cares like i feel like that's the the other thing about barney is, like he's, never changed his stance. That's why i like killer mike and those like like, like all. Why can't i think of them like they all like appreciate him? Oh yeah, it's because, like he's from day, he was for the civil rights movement, like he's, never changed his stance on shit. He's been this there's pictures of him like with with the cities, there's pictures of him. You know getting arrested with people, i mean he has been with it since the beginning. He's never is a he'll, always be him now, and i think that's the and that's the most respectable thing about him. As a politicians like you've, never changed to, you are you've done you yea and realista. He's techily independent, tell you. He was the democrat as he has to yeah, because running is an independent. He knows how never get alectis and it's just like one of the things you're like jesus. Like you just you're, you fucking nothing about dc, got to you, not a thing. There's there and there are. There are plenty who are similar to him that i've seen pop through in the last couple of years, but none on the same level than because with anybody else, you can usually trace back to at least one point where they, where they flip flopped on some yeah he's. Never now he's always stuck to his guns, he's always stuck to his principal and it's been and the things it's been, the right guns. It's been the best it's been. He has been on this. The side of he's been on the good side of history since day, one yeah- and it's like i remember when people want asking about making like money off his book like how are you a millionaire and he was like? I wrote a book yeah, that's it like what about people read it yeah is one of my favorite thing. How can you be a millionaire in bova o? I wrote about compute like anthole thing is to eris like you calling it free health care is well, is like it's not really free, like you guys, are calling it free health care, free health care, it's health care for all, but they're saying it's free health care is tekrit. It's not really like well, and also what i appreciate about him is. He has no problem coming forward and saying, like i know my ideas aren't perfect, but if anyone's got a better idea, let's hear it anybody cool this is my plan yeah. This is my plan. It's like it's like he's like a a moderately okay idea, still better than no idea exactly like. Would you rather have something that isn't perfect? We do it with cars all the time s like yeah. My car is not the best, but i don't want to get a new one, because this one it still still works. It's just not the best. We do it, but we do it with stuff all the time and i'm a big proponent of like you should just have a plan. Even if it's not the best plan, because at least then you've got something to get you to the next best idea, that's how this country has fucking work. We've tried a lot of different things. We tried lead paint and it worked that great till we realize lead was bad. We tried something else. You know, we've tried fossil fuels. Now we realize hey, you know what frea clean energy ready to go pretty much whenever as soon as we just fucking. Do it m, you know test less. I mean god, because now everybody's got a left. Your car there's so many more testes on the road. Now there are, i see i see at least three or four a day and an let the electric commerce come in yep the election alyas an esne tric motorcycle, the electric. You know ford's got an electric truck coming dick forrest, they're going to be all electric by like thousand and twenty five or something like yeah yeah. I mean that's what everybody's gonna have to have a like. I wonder how long, though, before everybody is going to have to be like like listen, you can't drive this car any more. You know i mean that get like you like. You cannot drive a gass car. That's why i like you go to places like california there's a huge tax on yeah or even i think, new york. Does it to a huge there's, a huge tax on quote: unquote: gas guzzlers yeah. You know, i mean there's a reason why, in the summer month they do pollution warnings in places like dat in ohio, because they're like hey, listen, there's a lot of that's really fucking hot and human there's a lot of pollution in the air. Maybe don't go outside today, yeah you're, just going to make it fucking worse! Yeah, it's lassa cars like that's. My test was my dream car well and they i know i watched andrew ray was doing a he bought his brother one and he was showing demoin it. He was like he showed to give it to his brother, because his brother had like put the down payment on one when they're first, getting a nous and like had medical should happen had to couldn't had to get his deposit back because he needed the money as we never got one so andrew rays, u to channel, hit a big and he bought his brother one so how he gave it to him was he met him for lunch and he said by the way to give me the keys to your car. He goes why i'm not drunk he goes now and he just hits the hits. The button on the app and the car pulls itself around over he's like because i got you a new car, that's so wild and it's this random tessa pulls up whose tess los this i as yours. What i kind of want want to test drive one so bad. I i wanted to go up to like people like i've. Seen i'm like he kind of just get in your car for a minute. I just want to see like i just want to be in there. Man just want to be in there a let's just want us want to be inside it is we be excited, and i looked up. I've been reading up on these electric trucks and stuff like that, and it's like people i mean sameas, an electric truck is not going to be able to haul these things can still fucking hall yeah. I totally they're just these. Are these? Aren't your fucking eye pod batteries? In there i mean these are some astronaut es, is a nasa grade, fucking batter, but he's as i did find very interesting. So now, fire part fire departments and now have them carry different stuff for car fire, specifically because electric, because it's a different type of fire, ah, which i wouldn't never have thought about it and thought never went across me. Yeah like oh, it's fireplate, water. Ah water is not help with electric at you. 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